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Handling Transportable Bed Rails

Bed rails are devices attached to a bed that prevent people from falling and getting hurt. They are often very useful for anyone needing assistance getting in and out of bed, especially older people with disability issues and small children.

Bed rails can be of two types: fixed, meaning they are already attached to the bed or they can be hand-held, meaning they can be transported or carried out, which is especially convenient when travelling.

Hospitals usually have fixed bed rails. These types of rails cannot be detached from beds and can only slide from top to bottom to care for a patient´s safety. Nurses and caregivers are usually aware of their usefulness, in particular, if they are performing a patient´s turning when in bed.

Travel or transportable bed rails are individual pieces which can be attached to a bed to make sure that a child or any person with a disability will not unexpectedly fall down to the floor. These types of bed rails can be found on the market in all shapes and sizes. They are usually compact units which can be easily moved and placed in restrained places like a suitcase.

Transportable bed rails have a concern for safety especially when travelling is needed. Once installed, checking the unit for stability is often recommended as a safety measure. The supervising role of family members or a caretaker is not finished when bed rails are present.

There have been reports of home user´s injuries and sometimes even deaths. People should be aware of possible downsides of bed rails. Users with health conditions such as Alzheimer or with specific limiting mobility situations will not be able to use them properly and could get in trouble. If this is the case, it might be better to get the bed closer to the ground to prevent sudden falls.

If you are in need of transportable bed rails for you or a family member, please ask your nurse about their benefits and disadvantages. Once you have decided to get a set, read and follow manual instructions carefully. Enjoy your transportable bed rails!

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