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How to Keep your Wheelchair Clean?

Cleaning your wheelchair is usually taken as a routine scheduled activity for those involved users since wheelchairs are usually part of their life. To do this in the best possible and agreeable way, there are several prominent issues that need to be addressed that will save time, money and energy. Here a few of them are briefly discussed:

First, do not leave reading the instruction manual until everything has failed. Getting to know your own device and get acquainted with general steps to be aware of, and particularly with warnings and precautions, is an advisable thing to do before starting to maneuver with any wheelchair.

Second, gather all the necessary materials. Among them, it is usually helpful to use a mild detergent, towels or mitts like the ones used for car washing, brushes, and tire cleaning agents.

Wheelchairs get dirty, no matter if they are manual or electrically powered. They collect dirt such as twigs, debris of any nature and all these materials are bound to get indoors with the consequent sanitary alerts to family and/or wheelchair users.

  • Keeping a Manual Wheelchair Clean

The wheelchair´s seat and back cushions must first be carefully disassembled to facilitate cleaning. With the help of towels, a vacuum cleaner or a compressed air device, any debris (twigs, dirt or other undesired material of any kind) present either in the wheelchair sections or in the wheels must be removed.

Use a mild soap or detergent diluted in warm water to clean all wheelchair visible sections. A car washing mitt or towel can not only help you do your wheelchair cleaning more efficiently, but it can also protect your hands. Hand-wash it with an abundance of soapy water.

With a different and clean towel or mitt, wipe off the wheels. A brush might be used to remove any dirt, stains or grease. Pay attention to detail and take your time to remove whatever undesired material remains in the wheelchair frame or wheels.

Once all the unwanted material has been retired from the entire device, dry it with the help of a clean towel or a compressed air unit until all moisture has been removed.

A tire cleaning agent can be used for wheelchairs in a manner similar to washing car tires. These types of agents are usually harmless and tend to increase shinning of wheels which in turn tend to improve the wheelchair´s appearance.

Once the wheelchair is washed, simply reassemble it.

Wipe cleaning every week and deep washing once a month is highly recommended.

  • Keeping an Electrically Powered Wheelchair Clean

The first thing to do when cleaning a power driven wheelchair is to disconnect it from its source of power. The wheelchair battery should also be removed and no cleaning agents should be used. Similarly, as with manually type chairs, all dirt should be removed from the wheelchair frame or wheels using towels, a vacuum cleaner or an air compressed unit.

A car washing mitt can again be helpful for washing and hand protection. Brushes of several types may need to be used to get to some difficult sites, such as wheelchair base crevices.

Disinfectant can be sprayed in the wheelchair base to assure best cleaning procedure. After ten minutes, this material can be removed with a damp clean towel. With a brush, finish cleaning the frame, battery cover, and tires. Vacuum the seat cushion and air dry it before getting ready for use. Reassemble all parts.

If the user finds that cleaning might be too troublesome, a caregiver or wheelchair helper is usually recommended.

Also, it might be helpful to think of a schedule routine cleaning program that will help to continuously maintain your wheelchair clean, whereas you are dealing with a manually or an electrically driven unit.

Keeping your wheelchair in an excellent condition will surely prove to be a rewarding matter for you at all times!