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How to use a Quad Cane

A walking stick with a four footed base is known as a quad cane. The feet have rubber caps to increase friction and avoid sliding. Its greatest strength lies in providing support and balance. They come in different models, usually made of aluminum and can support a patient’s weight of up to five hundred pounds.

A quad cane is generally used by people with mobility difficulties who are shifting away from wheeled walkers and/or wheelchairs. Patients who have suffered strokes or had recent surgical hip procedures are also users of this type of cane.

Quad canes can be used both indoors (carpeted or rough floors) and outdoors. Their base can be wide or slender. Quad canes with a wide base are mostly used by people who feel weak or have problems with balance. On the contrary, people with better stability and more strength can be users of quad canes with a slender base.

For a person to use a quad cane the following suggestions may be useful:

  • Modify the cane height until it can be handled comfortably by the patient.

  • Make sure that the patient does not need to bend down to properly walk with the cane. Again, the quad cane height can be adjusted to the user’s convenience.

  • Patients should try to get a quad cane with an excellent grip.

  • The user has to be able to pick up and move the quad cane in a comfortable manner.

  • The cane should be manipulated by the hand opposite from the injured leg to reduce pressure and strain on the leg.

Consult your doctor or caregiver about the quad cane that best suits your needs!