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Modifying Your Home to Fit a Wheelchair

When the idea of a house is first conceived, the ability to fit large mobility aids through every room is not the main aspect that comes to mind. However, when you rely on a wheelchair for movement, there are some modifications that you can do to your residence and appliances that you can purchase to make your life easier.

 If you are renting your property it is legally accepted to do the modifications required for you to live comfortably. You should be aware that your property owner is not legally binded to fit their property to your needs or to make any sort of adjustments for your capabilities. If you do any modification to improve your mobility, the proprietor is in all right to demand you to leave their property how it was first given to you.

The level at which you will be able to change your home varies according to certain factors.

How your property is built, the extent of your financial means to cost modifications, and the entitlement you have over your property to do changes, all play a role on the scale at which you will be able to do the changes you need to feel at ease in your own setting.

You can work on your house improvements according to their level of financial investment. Ranging from those modifications and appliances that are free of charge to those which are costly.

Zero Investment

There are certain modifications that require no financial investment at all, instead they require a physical investment from somebody’s part. You can transform your residence into a wheelchair-friendly place without incurring costs by:

  • Using another room in the house as you bedroom, if yours is not accessible enough
  • Arranging your kitchen utensils in a way that they are easy to reach
  • Transferring the couch or the bed to a position which might be more comfortable to you
  • Making sure your floor is clean and free from objects that might obstruct your passage
  • Leaving the entrance of the toilet free in your bedroom
  • Blocking some parts of the house if they are potentially dangerous

Moderate Investment

You do not need to spend a fortune to make your house somewhat fitted to your needs or comfortable enough for your preferences. The following are modifications that you can make to your home without breaking the bank:

  • Purchase devices to operate things such as phones wirelessly
  • Change the handles in your doors to models that can be easily operated by yourself
  • Purchase body enlarging devices to grasp things that are outside your radar
  • Buy an economical wheelchair ramp
  • Construct your own ramp out of materials such as hardwood

High Investment

There are other ways in which you can arrange your house that require a higher investment. Keep in mind that making this modifications is money well spent, after all this is the place you spend most of your time in. You can do the following alterations in order to enjoy a higher comfort level:

  • Remove one of your room divisions
  • Trade your tub for a walk in shower
  • Build a permanent wheelchair ramp
  • Ensure your house foundation has the necessary slope

Keep in mind that this alterations require permanent constructions, therefore you can take this chance to enhance some parts of your home that were not in the most ideal conditions or that were uncomfortable to access for your family members and guests. If you consider that investment is too high, then you should be aware that according to the country or state you live in, there are tax incentives for people in your condition. In addition, there are established financial institutions that would gladly finance your costs at a minimum return.

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