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Osteoporosis is a condition affecting the bones which causes a decrease in their density and leads to bone tissue turning weak and more sensible. Because of this the joints become more vulnerable and incidents such as broken bones are more likely to occur. No one is exempt from suffering this illness, however according to a recent study, people in the later stages of their life and caucasian females are some of the groups often found to be affected by it in the U.S.

The bones are one of the many tissues of the human skeleton. These tissues go through a series of alterations and development throughout a person’s life, this is due to two main processes:

1. Breakage and absorption of the bone tissue
2. Growth of the bone tissue

Osteoporosis develops as a consequence of an unusual disequilibrium in the above processes, that is when the rate of the first process exceeds that of the second process.

In the initial stages of your life, due to your continuous increase in size, the speed at which your bones are formed is considerably fast. However, the breakdown and absorption of old bones tends to take longer.

When you have reached a more mature age the above processes reverse, in other words more bone is resorbed than created in the body. This comes as result of the lack of development in the amount of bone tissue and the decrease in bone resistance that you experience when you hit a certain age.


Some people are more likely to suffer from this condition than other individuals, this is because there are certain characteristics and behaviors that trigger Osteoporosis. Those who come from Asia or have a European origin, as well as those whose heritage is prone to experiencing breakage in the bone are highly exposed to suffering from this condition. Females are also likely to develop this bone illness especially in the years after menstruation has ceased. Osteoporosis can also appear on those who have reached the mature adulthood stage and those who already dealt with weak bones.

It is important to highlight that many of these circumstances are unavoidable and your capacity to alter them does not play any role.

However, there are certain behaviors and actions that induce Osteoporosis but that can be avoided. People who suffer from certain eating disorders, heavy drinking and those who tend to smoke are vulnerable to this condition. You should keep in mind that not including in your consumption minerals such as calcium and certain vitamins can only affect you negatively. In addition, not leading an active lifestyle and the enduring consumption of drugs such as antiepileptics and GCs can increase the likelihood of developing this disease.


Osteoporosis can cause damage to you physical and emotional state, the following are some of the issues it can cause:

– It weakens your bones, therefore you are more likely to experience bone breakage when incidents occur
– It is not uncommon to have painful sensations as a result of bone breakage
– It makes you susceptible to changes in the way you stand or sit
– It can generate negative mental states that lead to depressive disorder
– It might lead to a decline in your ability to move freely

How to stop Osteoporosis?

To stop this condition from developing you can modify some of your behaviors. You can work on a fitness routine that involves cardio and strength training along with consuming foods that are high in vitamins on a daily basis. You can also suppress negative habits such as drinking.

If you already experience Osteoporosis to some degree, you can limit it from developing even further. Make sure to avoid falls at any cost by using mobility aids and anti-slip footwear, you can also try home appliances such as handrails to help you navigate the setting safely. You should know that certain drugs that are prescripted for this condition can induce minimal consequences, such consequences might increase your chances of falling down and can make you lose your sense of balance. If you are having problems with seeing clearly, try a visual acuity test or use your eyewear if it has already been prescripted. Additionally, make sure your house floor is clean since this can stop accidents from taking place.

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