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The Best Jobs for the Physically Disabled

A physical impairment is any condition that has a great effect on your ability to perform personal and routine activities, such as bathing, shopping and walking.

If you are physically disabled you can suffer from leading a sedentary life, that is the reason why going back to a work environment might be an important decision for you. However, it might be difficult to find a job fitted to your needs.

Legally, in the U.S. an employer is required to perform only the necessary accommodations on the work setting to fit an employee who suffers from any physical impairment. This is so the employee is at his/her full capacity and is able to perform his/her job as best as possible. Some of these modifications are related to the inclusion of:

  • Assistive technological equipment
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Assistance animals

You should be aware that an employer is not allowed to make any distinctions in the treatment between you and other employees, aside from the accommodations necessary that you are allowed to enjoy in order to give in to the job fully.

Also, thanks to the increasing technological advancements you are able to work from home, if your employer allows it.

There are a number of jobs available if you have to deal with limited mobility issues, here we present some of the jobs that are more likely to suit someone with your physical capacity.


Writing is a job that requires an ability to express your words in clear an organized manner. There is a versability in the types of work relationships that arise from being a writer. You do not need to be employed by an existing organization or develop a long-term relationship with it to survive in this industry. You can use blogs or work as as a freelancer to communicate different thoughts. This means than you can work on a book or a piece and sell it to the best bidder prior being hired by someone, which gives you a sense of creative ownership. There are a range of topics to discuss, you can even write about yourself and the challenges or realizations that you have experienced because of your impairment.

This job can be done through a number of settings including:

  • Your home, if you have a device and a desk available to write on
  • An office space, if you work for an organization
  • A restaurant or other facility open to the public


Teaching is a path that requires making your knowledge available to a group of people. Even thought you might be physically impaired, you are still able to teach other people about your field of work. To illustrate, if you are football player but your disability prevents you from continuing playing professionally, you can become a football trainer. Similarly, if you are an attorney but you don’t practice anymore, you can still teach about law. If constantly moving to an educational facility is not an option for you, then you can teach courses online.

You also have the option of working with students who also have gone through some kind of disability. You can encourage them to achieve their maximum potential as well as educate them on basic school subjects.


Accounting is a path that requires a certain level of education. If you possess some sort of certification holding you as an accountant then you are ready to go. Depending on the employer, you have the option of working from home or from an office space. You can work from home as a freelancer for a number of different employers, while you can also work on an office space for an accounting services organization or for other types of businesses.

The opportunity to find a job in this field is very open, since all businesses, whether they are small or big, need an accountant to sort through their information.

Working for Yourself

There are individuals who are not comfortable working in a hierarchical organization and opt for creating an opportunity for themselves. The options are limitless if you chose to work for yourself, among others, you can work as:

  • An independent contractor or freelancer
  • A legal advisor in an office owned by you
  • An advisor to other business
  • Your own boss by creating and developing a business

It is important to highlight that these are the most “ideal” jobs and in no way you are limited to only pursuing these options.

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