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Drive Medical - SSP218DDA-SF - Wheelchair, Detachable Desk Arm & Swing Away Footrest

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Drive Medical:
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Wheelchair, 18" Detachable Desk Arm & Swing Away Footrest
More Information
Manufacturer Drive Medical
Brand Silver Sport
Categories Manual Wheelchair, Sport Wheelchair
Require Prescription? No
Store Mobility Equipment|Stomabags
Score: 3.7 from 1 - 5
36 Review
James Review from
April 20, 2022
Don't Buy
We chose this chair because it had good reviews, a reasonable price, and fast delivery. Big mistake. The weld on the right leg broke within two weeks of purchase. We purchased this specifically to ease travel while on vacation. It broke on the first flight, so we had to use a broken chair the entire trip. Aside from that, it's a poor design. The foot and leg rests are entirely too short. It's impossible to elevate the legs comfortably as the foot rests do not extend. Even in a seated position, the legs are bent at an odd angle. This wheelchair is heavy, so getting it in and out of a car is a c
Courtney Review from
February 15, 2022
Sent Chair without Leg Rests
Bought this chair for my mother for Christmas. I just wanted something new and lightweight, with nice leg rests. Chair arrived, it was very nice, but it was missing the leg rest attachments. Why would they send a new chair without all the parts is beyond me. They offered a $30 discount, or to send the chair back. I opted to send the chair back, because what good is the chair without the leg rests. I had to go through the hassle of repacking the chair and having FedEx come pick it up. At least I got a refund, but I still don't have a new chair for my mother, which is what I really wanted. I jus
DCCarGuy Review from
March 20, 2022
Think about where you will use it for the size.
I was most worried when I ordered because of the different sizes of the seat, and wheels. Size matters, remember who will be using it and where you will be using this wheelchair. The smaller size (seat width) will be better in most older homes, and going through older doorways. and the larger wheels make it most useable anywhere. Overall very pleased with this wheelchair after several months of use. The drop-in leg supports are a bit awkward, but you get used to using them. It folds up easily for fitting in a hatch or trunk of a car.
spiceoflife Review from
April 1, 2021
Very functional unit for the price.
The price is very good for all the features it has. It came quickly and though the box was damaged the item was not. It even came with a tool that has all the nut sizes needed to make adjustments!! However, one thing they didn't provide was a secure pocket on the unit to keep the tool in. Because it is made of steel, it is on the heavy side to pick up and put in a vehicle. However, Those made of Aluminum cost a lot more. This may deter a weaker caregiver from buying this unit. It would be nice if they offered brake handle extensions like some do, to make it easier for the user to apply and rel
Amy Review from
May 1, 2020
18 days in and I highly recommend this wheelchair
I've owned and used the chair 18 days at this point. It's been perfect for my circumstance! I broke a leg and this is a Godsend to move around the house with less use of crutches. The first evening the right rigging got stuck straight out; it would not release to drop down. I phoned Drive Medical the next morning and they were very helpful and kind, walking me through steps to unstick the rigging. It took some WD40 and some good pressure to work it loose but it's worked perfectly ever since. Other reviews mentioned a squeaky wheel and some sharpness when the arms are turned off. Yes, I have on
William Review from
July 11, 2021
I was thoroughly impressed with this wheelchair. I owned it for about two months when I went through a clump of fresh cut grass and the plastic wheel broke away from the hub. I was sure I would have to buy a complete new wheelchair since I couldn't get just the wheel, but worked with me and sent me a brand new complete wheelchair for free!! All they wanted was for me to pack up the old wheelchair in the same box that the new one came in and attach the shipping label that was included in my new wheelchair!! Fed-X will pick it up at my house!! I love Walmart!! They went above and bey
Claire Review from
October 11, 2020
Amazing quality and handling!
I ordered this wheelchair to use after my fourth very major knee surgery when I found out insurance didnt want to cover a rental and I could not be happier with my purchase! This chair is truly amazing quality- strong and sturdy without being excessively heavy or difficult to handle and for such a great price. I was so incredibly happy to find a chair that had leg rests that were able to rise up in order to keep the leg straight since thats exactly what I needed. Easy to fold when not in use and no problems getting around corners in my home. I was shocked that we were able to fit the chair in
shmartypants Review from
May 1, 2021
Box Damaged, Open - Parts Missing - Buyer Beware!
This item arrived at my door a day early, which was great. However, the box had obviously been completely cut open on one end, and carelessly taped back shut. The chair was not damaged, which was a miracle, since the box was severely disfigured, dented, and torn in several places - it looked as if it had been thrown from a moving airplane. However, both footrests were missing, which renders the chair useless in most cases. I'm guessing this item was a return that was just quickly re-packaged and put back into stock without any kind of inspection whatsoever. Very disappointing. I'll be hand-del
RVER2008 Review from
October 5, 2020
This is a gem of a wheel chair for a 63 year old
My Wheelchair arrived in 2 days just like they said it would. Took it out of the box and me and my Husband both tried it. It moves on a dime very smooth. I weigh 192 lbs and 5' 6" I fit in the seat without a problem. It is for Hubby to use when we go to his dialysis 3 times a week He 5'10" 170 lbs and fits in it comfortably. I had no problem putting it in the back of our SUV. The foot rest are easy to put on and take off in fact you can keep the strap on when you take them off. The arm rest are at a good height that if you wheel yourself when you are in the seat they don't get in the way. You
Alex Review from
September 7, 2021
Great value!
Great value for the money! It feels solid and rolls smoothly. It arrived fully assembled except for the foot rests, which is a good thing because the instructions are brief. I am 5'6" and it is very comfortable for me with the foot rests nearly fully extended. I had a taller person try it and it seemed a bit small for them. Maybe the wider seat chairs have longer leg rests? It didn't indicate that in the description. It has a lot of nice features for an inexpensive chair. Would buy again.
Steven Review from
April 18, 2021
5 Stars With A Warning
I only purchased this recently, so this rating may be very premature. It seems well-made and sturdy and seems to be a good value for one's money. doesn't come standard with ANY anti-tip devices to prevent back-tipping. In my opinion, ALL wheelchairs should come with well-made and tested anti-tip devices as a standard feature. It doesn't seem like the two, small, rubber feet can be removed to accommodate any anti-tip devices. The product delivery didn't include a paper owner's manual or an exploded diagram parts list. A product like this should arrive with those included.
Theresa Review from
March 13, 2021
Thin shipping box ruined the chair even before use
I ordered two of these chairs: each one going to a different museum to be used for visitors. Upon arrival, both boxes were in poor shape. One wheelchair did not have leg rests included, so that had to be returned. The other wheelchair, apparently the box was compressed so much the chair wouldn't fold open: the two screws holding the large back wheels were forced together. We were able to open it, but I was worried about those screws compromising the sturdiness of the chair, so that was returned. The chairs are probably good: the box and the shipping was horrible. Two different orders: two diff
Nina Review from
February 20, 2022
Instructions would have been nice
Great product. I needed this as soon as possible and within 2 days it arrived. Adjustable foot rests make it able to fit anyone. Arm rests move out of the way for easy transfer. Had a hard time opening the chair from its folded position. Still not sure how we got it open since instructions were not included. Overall a good product.
Priscillla Review from
August 4, 2020
Great chair, great deal and very quick shipping
Really great quality wheelchair and Walmart got it to us next day!! Better deal and quicker shipping than you-know-who. Walmart's great service was a big help as my daughter had surgery after a serious ankle break. She thought the chair was very comfortable. Only thing I was not thrilled with was the weight. I think the listing said it was 37 lbs but it's probably 45-50 lbs. I'm in my 50's fit but pretty fit, however it was tough for me to lift it in and out of the car. However, it's not reasonable to expect a really lightweight chair at this price.
WalmartShopper Review from
July 13, 2019
Decent Inexpensive Wheelchair
This is a decent wheelchair that is better than the lightweight Medline one I tried. PROS: Large wheels offer better maneuverability and less feeling of every bump and crack in the road. This is a plus for people with back pain. Fits in subcompact trunks. Easy to fold, not heavy if you're reasonably strong. A standard size cushion fits if you need something to sit on. The wheelchair comes already assembled except for the brake pads, which are easy to install. CONS: Brake handles are small so if you lack strength, can be difficult (or annoying) for someone to bend down to push into braking or u
CaptainJames Review from
May 8, 2022
Bad choice in wheelchairs, NOT recommended.
I thought it would be like my Invacare wheelchair, but nothing could be further from the truth. The legs are almost impossible to get attached in the light, and in dim light or in the dark, you better have an flas chlight app on your cellphone or you will never get the legs attached. The chair is hard to steer and if the person sitting in the chair is trying to work the wheels, it will give a greater workout than 24 hours doing heavy carido.
J Review from
April 9, 2019
Decent Chair!
This was the first wheelchair I ever owned in my senior year of high school while I waited for appointments to get an Ultralight wheelchair. Overall the chair isn't bad at all for the price! My only complaints are the 24inch large tires have no treads which makes rolling on carpet exceptionally hard. Plus if you go too fast the front casters (the smaller wheels on the front) wobble loudly and uncontrollably. Probably means the bearings are a bit cheap and need replacing. It's also a bit heavy? 41lbs isn't TOO bad but compared to my ultralight chair (15-20lbs) it's ridiculous. Somethings I saw
mhcollins Review from
October 15, 2020
No good without foot rests!
This chair is wonderfully comfortable..... only issue is that the foot rests were not Included in the box. I addressed Walmart and they told me that they didnt ship small Parts and to contact Drive. I contacted Drive and was told I needed to contact who I ordered the wheelchair through. I am currently in the hospital and should not have to be worried about who should send me something that should have been included in the box (and is stated so on the box!). This chair deserves five stars but no foot rests means no successful use of the chair. I have no idea what I am expected to do now. Use th
Bahram Review from
November 11, 2020
Good Wheelchair but a bit Squeaky
It's a good wheelchair and worth the money you spend on it. The only issue we have with it is that it start to making squeaky noise soon after we start to use it. Although my wife is well beyond the max capacity of this wheelchair but still that's a thing. I checked all screws on it in case some are loose but all were tight and could not figure out where the noise is coming from. They are not from one place though that I can tell. It's not something to be alerted here just that I happen to have very sensitive ears.
Macbrat Review from
Home Depot
July 12, 2021
Purchased this instead of a transport chair. Needed removable or...
Purchased this instead of a transport chair. Needed removable or flip back arms for use with slide board, removable and adjustable leg rests, and a chair that was as light as possible (for placing in car). In addition, it was needed on fairly short notice. This chair fit the needs and was delivered quickly. Very satisfied with the chair after 2 months of use. Purchase includes simple wrench for use in adjusting length of leg rests.
Vicki Review from
December 13, 2021
I first ordered this from Amazon. Took them forever ao I finally canceled and ordered it from walmart. Got it 2 days later. including a Sunday. It has really helped and rides well and smooth. Turning radius is great. Legs are super easy to put on and take off. Only con is I wish it were a little lighter for lifting into the car.
Darrell Review from
October 16, 2020
Great product only 1 negative for me.
Very good product and value so far. Not at all complicated to put together. The quality of the build is durable. Mechanical works well. I will not be using this wheelchair "in home" only when I go out 1 or 2 times a week. Great product. My only negative is (not the products fault) I'm not as strong as I use to be and its a bit on the heavy side to lift into the back of my pickup. Slow and sure gets the job done. No way would my wife be able to load it.
nonicknameforme Review from
Home Depot
July 30, 2020
The box was really torn up during shipping but the product came through unscathe
The box was really torn up during shipping but the product came through unscathed. The chair has features regular chairs don't. Removing the arms is important and these are designed to be easily removed. The chair wheels are a little stiff and it rolls a little hard. Perhaps some adjustment is possible. Will need to Google that. Inexpensive wheels that will serve me for years to come.
mumdv Review from
September 18, 2020
Great but missing foot rest attachments
GREATTTTT wheelchair for short term use. We got it because my husband was diagnosed with gout and couldnt walk. Great quality for the price. The only reason it gets 3 stars is because IT DOESNT COME WITH THE FOOT RESTS. Super disappointed in that. However, we would have to return the item and reorder online. Based on some reviews here, people reordered and foot rests were still not included. Because of that, we decided to just keep it because my husband needed a wheelchair ASAP.
Debra Review from
January 23, 2022
Where is the foot rests?
I wish I had read the reviews before buying. The wheelchair itself looks fine. I was pleased there was no assembly. But foot rests were missing. Reading the reviews I noticed several people recieved the chairs with no foot rest. come on man. Get it right. Please contact me and send the foot rests.
midwest4200 Review from
December 9, 2020
Good Value
Great chair for the money. I broke my foot and had to have surgery and non weight bearing for 6 weeks. So I needed something other than my knee scooter to free up both hands to carry things in the house. This chair is great and a real value. The only drawback is I am 5'10" and the leg rests are too short for me to use appropriately. If you're tall you'll want to get a larger chair if you plan to use the leg rests. Otherwise, seat and back height are fine. 2 day shipping is a farce. It took a week to get the chair. It may have been two days to ship, but it wasn't sent out for several days after
rayray447l Review from
June 9, 2017
Great starter wheelchair for indoors
Ive had this chair for 2 years. Pros: flip back armrests get you close to tables and picking up dropped items. Good on flat hard surfaces. Carpet is more difficult to push on due to no tread on tiresIs my fav color. Leg rests come off for easier loading into vehicle or to fit better in tight places. It is easy to fold up. It weigh 220lbs im 5 foot 5 in tall and it fits me well. Cons: you have to remove leg rests in smaller places like a apartments. I cant get through most doorways inside my apartment or turn around in a hallway due to its size. But any place thats ADA compliant i can easily fi
Loueez1 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 29, 2018
Three Times is not a charm with this wheelchair!
Pros: Love how lightweight this wheelchair is. It's easy to lift, fold, and love the colors. Also love the back pocket. Cons: First one came in looking the best, but front right wheel started shaking within first day of use (alike grocery cart wheels kind of shaking.) Second one came in a super damaged box. In fact, it obviously came directly from the previous owner's place as an order form with her name & address - for a different product, unrelated to BB&B, nonetheless - and a date on her form of three days prior to my receiving the wchair. The chair had scratches on it. Third one had some m
Betty Review from
February 28, 2020
A little disappointed....
Item shown in web photo is different than description. I failed to notice the difference and received a different chair than what I thought I was getting. The photo shows the model I wanted (and currently own, this was to be a spare chair). It has the standard foot rests NOT the elevated leg rests as described in the product description. Since the leg/foot rests are interchangeable, its not worth the trouble of sending it back, who knows, perhaps I may need the elevated leg rests at a later time, could have used them after a recent surgery. Just be aware of the fact the photo and the descripti
John Review from
August 31, 2021
Best Wheelchair ever
My wife and I purchased this wheelchair for her 89 year old mother with Alzheimers. It was our first ever purchase of a wheelchair and are we ever pleased. From the easy assembly to easy and fun use of it daily. The ride is very smooth and mom seems to enjoy our long walks in the park.
Janet Review from
June 22, 2021
Very satisfied
Have purchased several wheel chairs in the past. This time I bought a chair with a 20" seat. Not because I gained weight but the extra 2" just makes it more comfortable. Someone had said that this particular model wheelchair did not fit in their Ford Escape. Well we were able to put it in ours without having to put back seat down. Fits in the car perfectly. Very satisfied with our purchase.
Betty Review from
September 12, 2018
Buyer Beware of proprietary parts
Bought two of these, the 18" and 20". 20" was too wide for our apt doors, but was very high quality out of the box. Sold it. 18" fit just right but seemed to be out of spec. Clicking sounds at times when rolling, tightened main wheel nuts as one was finger tight and allowed much play. Lots of loose screws and nuts. Frame seems slightly out of alignment. NOTE: these chairs use a proprietary wheel bearing not available anywhere aside from Drive dealers at a very premium price. Might as well buy another chair should the bearings wear out. Mine will be a different brand next time around. Charging
TheGreyOne Review from
November 2, 2020
Great Chair at a Great Price!
The wheelchair arrived exactly on time, it is awesome and I would highly recommend it! I had one minor issue and while Walmart Customer Service was nice and tried to help I called the Vendor (Drive Medical) and their customer service was outstanding and resolved the minor issue. I bought this wheelchair for my wife who has trouble using crutches, the 24 inch width and design make it perfect for her to maneuver around our older home. It folds easily and is lightweight that I could put into our Toyota RAV when we needed to go to doctor appointments.
Kristene Review from
July 2, 2021
Great product
I had surgery to repair a detached meniscus in my knee. No weight bearing on this knee for at least 6 weeks. This wheel chair is a lifesaver! It is sturdy and easy to use. The price was very reasonable. I put it together myself (only the leg rests have to be added and it takes about 2 mins to do it - even without instructions). Would highly recommend this product.
Tammy Review from
April 2, 2016
So far so good!
It's true this chair is built for economy but still sturdy enough. Not sure about the wear life of the plastic wheel spokes and hard "rubber" tires (feels more like hard plastic). I have used it several times now and there isn't anything wrong or bothersome about the chairs overall design. Wheel locks could be better as the hard plastic tires don't allow them to grip tightly or as tight as one might like during transferring with a transfer board. If you can stand to transfer then likely you will not notice. Foam hand grips for pushing chair kinda thin so if doing a lot of pushing around wear g
Jennifer Review from
August 7, 2020
Solid construction, nice features.
Bought this chair for my daughter, who has a custom fitted wheelchair for daily use, to keep in a location in our house that is inaccessible to her everyday chair. The price was very reasonable, and the chair has some neat design features, like the arms that swing back so you can roll it under a desk or table. She actually does not need all of those features--we removed the footrests and the arms, both--and the chair does exactly what we need. It seems to be solidly made.
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