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Drive Medical - SSP218FA-SF - Wheelchair, Fixed Arm & Swing Away Footrest

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Wheelchair, 18" Fixed Arm & Swing Away Footrest
More Information
Manufacturer Drive Medical
Brand Silver Sport
Categories Manual Wheelchair, Sport Wheelchair
Code SSP218FA-SF
Sold By Each
Product Size 18"
Require Prescription? No
Store Mobility Equipment
Score: 4.2 from 1 - 5
46 Review
Julie Review from
April 22, 2021
The BEST transport chair - therapist approved!
Let me start off by saying that I am an Occupational Therapist who works with mostly with geriatrics in the Home Health setting. I've seen many, many transport wheelchairs. This is THE most affordable one I found, and since the many, many detailed reviews were 5-star - higher than the more expensive ones - I decided on this one when my own needs arose. Our medical bills right now are astronomical. So, after extensive reading, despite my skeptcism, I ordered this chair for my 15 year old daughter, who broke her femur and is non weight-bearing on her left leg for a long time. This was the BEST d
riladf Review from
August 22, 2021
Good merchandise, shipping slower than promised.
Chair is good. It is small with no extra space when you're seated, but for the same reason it is very maneuverable in a small house. The balance is slightly delicate such that if you are pushing someone and hit a bump with the front wheels, you could tip the chair forward if you are moving too fast and not being careful. This also is because the chair is small in front-to-back dimensions - but once again this small size makes the chair extremely maneuverable in tight spaces. Overall, understanding these "limitations" I'm pleased with the chair. A question about the shipping - the site says "Fr
BeachMom Review from
October 1, 2020
Sturdy chair at good value
Great value for a sturdy, well-made, easy to use transport chair. Folds to a compact size to fit easily in a sedan back seat or trunk. For van or larger vehicle, no need to fold down the backrest. This is a NARROW CHAIR. Which is great for navigating doors, halls, offices, etc..... but be sure to look at the dimensions and ensure your intended rider will fit. I am 5 ft 6 in, 140 lbs woman (size 6) and fit comfortably. This chair is a bit heavier than what you would expect from chair called lightweight, but its sturdy and still manageable. My only negative is that the footrests dont lock back i
David Review from
October 9, 2020
Great service and transport chair
Great transport chair! Sturdy, attractive, and even better, great and speedy service from Walmart and Drive, the manufacturer. The initial shipment from FedEx arrived in two days , but with several visible holes on outside of box, including a protruding wheel cap which was badly scuffed. When I opened the box, a broken piece of the chair fell out. Walmart returns took care of the issue right away with a free return and replacement. The replacement arrived In two days, but was delivered in a private car. The wheelchair was pristine. There was a hole in box from one of the wheels protruding, but
Lynda Review from
November 19, 2020
Good chair but constructed a little carelessly.
Some of the buttons that snap the moving pieces into position were misaligned and would not securely fasten in place. Also the hand brake tension could not be adjusted so that my mother could use them. She has a great amount of hand/arm weakness, so for the average customer this would not be a problem. Some home workshop filing may have fixed the problems but we decided to return. The return process was easy at the local customer service desk. The smaller seat size is good if the patient is small, and the chair maneuvers more easily in tight spaces and doorways. The framework is substantial en
Joachim L. Review from
August 9, 2020
Review of product description NOT of product itself
Seat width is specified in description as 17. This should mean and has meant for other brands to be the usable space between the two arm rests. However the actual width between the two arm rests for this transport chair is 14-1/4. Even if you are petite and can fit in this space, your arms would likely not fit and would be forced to be placed on the armrests which are rather high for a petite person. And suppose you wanted to use a nonsensical measure from the outside of the right armrest tube to the outside of the left armrest tube; even there the width is only 16-1/8, NOT 17. Their 17 descri
Roseanna Review from
October 11, 2020
Wonder small wheelchair . Would purchase again!
This chair is working out perfectly for me and my mother. She is 82 y.o. That is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs all of 105 lbs. She has been having difficulty even with a walker and this allows me to easily get her to Doctors appointments, etc. The reviews did scare me because there was talk of an odor however, I do not notice any smell at all. I will tell you the chair is small so if you are looking for a larger person this may not work for you, even though the weight limit is 250. This chair is smooth gliding and easy to manage. It folds easily and I fit it into my Ford Escape with ease.
Joan Review from
February 5, 2022
Prompt; accurate.
I had two purchases. A large container of laundry detergent and the wheely chair; they were delivered separately. The container of detergent was delivered up to my door. The chair was left in the building lobby. I'm a little old lady. Having the chair brought up would have been helpful and a lot easier for me than the lobby drop. Products both seem fine.
Linda Review from
April 29, 2022
I purchased the chair for my Aunt. She is able to maneuver around her home easily. The chair is small enough to go from room to room. I researched several stores to compare prices the price was excellent it was $50-$80 cheaper. The medical supply locations had wheelchairs available for rent $50 per week, thats $200 monthly. I purchased the chair for $142 and I own it.
Brenda Review from
March 5, 2021
Good Quality, Well Worth the Price
Bought this for my elderly mother who is blind but still in good health and can walk. Just need it for longer distances and convenience. It's perfect for getting around. The chair seems to be of good quality and comfortable. It's very easy to push and maneuver. It's well worth the price. It paid for itself just for taking my mom for her covid shot. My mother really likes it. Make sure to adjust the foot rests properly for the rider.
Melissa Review from
December 13, 2018
Better than renting
I purchased this affordable wheelchair, instead of renting. I'm very satisfied with the product, as it serves it's purpose for my needs. Assembly was easy and it is pretty sturdy. I think it is durable enough to last There are a few negatives. Although very easy to assemble, it is quite difficult to properly adjust the footrests. Once I was able to loosen the nut to make an adjustment, I found it nearly impossible to properly align again when tightening. There are terrible squeaks when pushing the wheelchair due to the design of the foldable handles, one of which is looser than the other, caus
JR Review from
May 18, 2021
VERY lightweight and comfortable
Very nice and lightweight! I cannot lift more than 15-20 pounds max, and I can lift this so easily. My mother feels very comfortable in it, and the open sides make it more comfortable when wearing a heavy coat. The arm rests are the full length (unlike other transport chairs we have tried). Only thing missing is a strap on the footrest to keep feet from moving too far back for people who have low muscle tone. Overall a very good chair and very easy to get in and out of car.
Michael Review from
October 26, 2020
Great basic transport chair
First I like to say that the first transport delivered was missing the leg rest. I spoke on line to walmart and they promptly replaced the transport. This was a plus. Second I would like to say this transport is foldable and light enough to put in a trunk of a car. This is a basic transport with no frills ,which is not needed if all you want to do is transport someone from the house to a car ,from the car to the doctors and back home. There is an optional bag that can be placed on the back of the chair ,and wrapped with snaps or velcro to the handle bars. Would buy again if needed.
Jim Review from
April 12, 2021
Nice and compact
Bought this specifically to use in my small crowded workshop. I'm stuck in a wheelchair for a few months after a motorcycle crash. A regular wheelchair is too big and clunky to navigate my workshop. This one is much smaller in width than a regular wheelchair so was a better fit in my shop. Wheels roll very easily and I can sit at a desk also. Nice and sturdy too. I've had no trouble moving around using my one good leg to push it around.
Jasper Review from
Home Depot
August 2, 2017
This chair seat isn't the width it claims to be. Confirm it yourself with a rule
This chair seat isn't the width it claims to be. Confirm it yourself with a ruler. Be aware that the arm rests are in so tight there is barely enough room for you to fit your hands and your passenger in. That makes getting your passenger in an out quite an effort. You have to be careful guiding your passenger in too since he/she won't see the narrow opening with their back turned to it and could easily hit something hard. The brakes perform poorly. The wheels are a hard rubber that doesn't cause much friction with the mechanism. And they are narrow too with even less friction because of it. As
Kathy Review from
March 31, 2021
Surprised by the quality. Great Purchase
I purchased this wheel chair for my father and concerned about assembling the wheelchair. When I took the wheelchair out of the box it was ready to go. I just had to assemble the foot pedal and that's it. It's foldable to be placed in the closet, car etc. Amazed with the construction (Steel), sturdiness, and price. The width may not be suitable everyone, small to medium size individuals are ideal.
joyannmadd Review from
May 21, 2021
Quality and value
Jist bought this last week. It's a tad heavier than I expected but still easy enough to transport from home to car. No real set up other than attaching feet rests. Impressed with the construction. Great for an average sized person. Would not recommend for overly large individuals as the seat is more narrow and I believe the weight limit is 250. Recommend of you are looking for a budget friendly, quality construction, transport wheelchair
Doesnotfit Review from
Home Depot
July 19, 2017
I would be cautious about owning this. I had read a review by another that the r
I would be cautious about owning this. I had read a review by another that the rear wheel had fallen off and after receiving my new wheelchair, I am frightened of that happening for good reasons. The rear wheels snap into place and a pop up ball is supposed to retain it. This is so small it looks as if it could easily collapse and not retain the wheel. I am panicked to think this might happen when I am away from home and pushing my Mother in it. How could I get it back on with her in the chair and it all collapsed. Furthermore the rear wheel passes through an entire plastic cylinder bearing th
MinM Review from
May 31, 2016
Major flaw makes this good product unusable
I already own one of these transport chairs and I love it. It fits through the doorways in my very old city apartment and it has brakes at the wheels that I can use (as opposed to most transport chairs that have handbrakes for the person pushing you.) I loved it so much, I wanted to order another one and Walmart had a great price. But here's the problem: The material on the seat and chair back stink. I don't mean an unpleasant odor, I mean they reek of some sort of chemical coating. I even called the manufacturer directly and they said that, yes, some folks had had the same problem but they th
Grandy Review from
April 25, 2022
Perfect for Us
We purchased this wheelchair for my husband. We have had it for about a week. In that time, we have used it almost every day. It is sturdy, compact enough, and I can handle the weight of it when I put it in and take it out of our SUV. I just "slip" it behind the passenger seat for easy access. Exactly what we needed.
kwt_ken_8djsxh0cz Review from
September 21, 2021
Economical and Handy
Light weight, portable and easy to handle. It was already basically assembled. Fits through the smaller doorways of a mobile home. It folds up and stays on its wheels for convenient storage. The price was right. A good value.
Sandy Review from
October 31, 2019
Drive Medical transport STEEL wheelchair
Fantastic travel chair. Very sturdy, easy fold up, easy and fast assembly, just a little heavier then the cheap aluminum chair which is a blessing. Believe me, very worth it. Very save for my father who is now in a nursing home facility. Now I will not have to worry about taking him out to visit our family. Dont have to worry about this one folding up on him pushing him around. This is a very safe and comfortable chair, and you will be happy with this one. Trust me. I bought the one with the pillow. Bought the Chair plus pillow together. Very Very happy with this chair. Please do yourself a fa
Kate Review from
November 14, 2020
Perfect for our needs
This chair was recommended by my husband's occupational therapist. The chair we were using was too wide and bumped my husband's elbows and hands at the doorway to the bathroom. This is the perfect size to breeze through the doorway. Very sturdy too. Meets all our requirements. Arrived in perfect condition and 4 days ahead of scheduled date. Very pleased with supplier.
nanaV Review from
April 18, 2021
We are "happy campers"
It is lightweight and folds easily for transportation. Only assembly required was attaching foot rests with locking lever. ( No tools required). Our wheel chair needs are occasional, and not full time. This chair fits our needs very well. We had borrowed this same chair from another owner and found it is exactly what we need. Then, we ordered our own chair.
GaGirlWalking Review from
February 16, 2016
Snazzy new wheels for a 94 year old
My 94-year old mom has arthritic knees that simply need some assistance when much walking is needed. After a particularly painful outing, I went home and searched the website for a wheelchair to transport mom to her usual outings. The information provided was helpful and I was familiar with Drive products from previous purchases for my mom (3-wheeled rollator). This Drive transport wheelchair is exactly what we needed to be able to transport mom to church and to the senior center so that she can maintain her active lifestyle as long as possible. When I ordered the chair on a Sunday
Bernice Review from
May 4, 2022
Awesome chair!
My mom was really against getting a wheelchair aged. She has a walker now but is getting harder for her to push it when she needs to go out. I found this transport chair thats lightweight and easy to fold up and put in and out of the trunk. And she loves it! Good quality chair.
litng66 Review from
October 5, 2021
lightweight and very convenient
this will be used to transport my elderly father in law to and from the car for his appointments. folds up nice and tidy, much better than wrestling with his wheelchair. also can maneuver through tight places being narrower than the wheelchair. wonderful aid.
Janice Review from
January 29, 2022
Nice, light wheelchair for short trips.
I like that it is light enough that I can lift it in and out of the car (I'm 84). What my husband didn't like was that the seat is uncomfortable but after getting a Drive cushion it is working out fine. With the small wheels, it has been a problem getting over a couple very small bumps in walkways/doorways, but we managed.
jumpin2antony Review from
November 1, 2021
old fashioned inadequate design for this day and age
it is very heavy and will not push over any slight step, or on anything other than a smooth hard surface. The handles are possibly the most stupid angle for pushing; a horizontal bar would be akin to pushing a super market trolley....... considerably easier.
Ev Review from
August 17, 2020
I love it! It is so lightweight unlike my husbands regular wheelchair. I know it just a transport, but I'd rather take that one than the big one. I was upset that the fed ex driver left the box outside and it poured rain. There were three awnings and they left on the edge of the brick wall and the box was soggy when i got it. But , LOVE the chair. I had bought the same one for my mom several years ago. TY
Keith Review from
October 28, 2020
Broke on 2nd day of use
It is a nice chair, however one of the leg rest broke on the 2nd day of use. Otherwise it was a good wheelchair and easy to transport and use. I did like the flip down back. I ordered another wheelchair from the same company except the more expensive model. The Leg rest breaking may have just been a fluke and unsure if other people experience it, however thought I will try a little more expensive model
brelshane1 Review from
March 20, 2021
Great chair
Makes it easy to maneuver, could be pushed and turned with one hand if you needed to. Not able to use alone unless you can pull yourself with your feet because of the size of the wheels. If youre very big this isnt the chair for you just based on the size of the seat but otherwise its pretty comfortable and more than worth the money. Bought one for myself and within 5 minutes it was all put together and I immediately bought a second one for my mother in law.
NickyJ Review from
January 30, 2016
Exactly what I needed
Got this chair to transport my 9 year old around the house. He is unable to walk unassisted and sometimes we need to move faster (school mornings) or he is just too tired to make the trip from one side of the house to the other. This has been a God send and has saved me from struggling to carry his 75 pounds. Chair is sturdy and small / maneuverable enough to get through every door and obstacle in our home. The seat is flat across, without a lip and doesn't tilt back like the Pediatric Convaid Cruiser we have used when needed outside the home for years. This makes it easy for him to sit down a
Kaitlyn Review from
November 9, 2020
Met our needs, wouldnt work for everyone
Helpful after my dad had a stroke. Its really narrow so its easy to get through doors and down the hallway. Would not fit a very large person. My dad is 5 ft 9 and 190lbs and he pretty much maxed out the seat. I like that the footrests are easy to take on and off. The belt buckle broke under moderate pressure so dont count on it for holding someone in.
Barbara S. Review from
January 17, 2022
The 17 inch seat chair
The 17 inch seat chair I ordered had a 15 inch seat width. It looks like a childs chair. Not constructed to specifications. Extremely disappointed. The person in need of the chair (170 lbs) cannot sit comfortably in this chair.
Niall Review from
February 2, 2017
Better than we hoped for
Before saying how good it is I have to warn that a big person might want to check a bigger chair. My wife is 160# and if she were much bigger she would not fit in. Here was our situation. My wife broke her foot. A standard wheel chair would not have fitted in our very small car. I was even concerned about a transport chair fitting. I was a bit concerned about buying something as inexpensive as this (how good can it be?) while not wanting to buy something expensive for 5-6 weeks' use. The decision maker for me was the fact that the handles fold down and it is just as well they do because it wou
Georgia Review from
March 9, 2020
Pretty close to perfect.
Love, love, LOVE this chair!! It is lightweight, easy to use, easy to fold, easy to push, and perfect for transport use. Add in a seat cushion (necessary if the chair is going to be used for extended periods - like waiting in a Dr. office) and it's quite comfortable. The only downside is that the leg rests are not adjustable, and are extremely short. I had to buy a replacement set that was adjustable because a child is not using this chair. I wish I had seen that before I bought the chair. Other than that oversight, it is the perfect chair once you add the cushion.
Bruce Review from
May 27, 2016
Small and light
Temporarily my elderly mother can't walk. Even though the other transport chair my 80 year old dad previously purchased was only 29 lbs, it was difficult for him to get in and out of the trunk. I tried it. It was even hard for me because you have to bend over to get it out of the trunk and it hurts your back. It's amazing how much difference 10 lbs can make, but it does. This chair (the 17 inch one) is also slightly smaller which is better because it doesn't hang up like the other one did when going in and out if the trunk. It is small, like a child size but that is exactly what we wanted sinc
Hiscaregiver Review from
November 15, 2014
A great investment !
I am A 57 year old retired hospital nurse with a bad back among other things, so I can no longer lift heavy items. I take care of my 83 year old mother in a wheelchair. I needed a lightweight transport chair to get in and out of my car to take her to her doctor appointments and family functions. After doing a lot of research and comparison I decided on this chair, because it had a 19 inch seat and weighed only 19 pounds. I ordered it online and had it shipped directly to my home. It came in a timely manner, fully assembled- all I had to do was place the leg supports on. I am extremely satisfie
Angella Review from
October 29, 2020
Great Transport chair.
We love our new Transport Chair. It was small enough to fit in tight places eg. Airplanes, bathrooms and other small places that you need to get your loved one into. Also it folds down nicely and fits into small cars too. The price was really inexpensive too. Fits our budget. Thank you for carrying this.
Jeri Review from
January 19, 2021
Thank heavens!
I had hip surgery and was told not to put weight on my left leg. Well thats never going to happen so after a week struggling on crutches I purchased this chair and its a game changer. The chair is small and lightweight so is maneuverable and it allows me to cook again and its not a problem like standing on 1 leg. Bottom line its fabulous for in home mobility and Id definitely purchase it again.
BarbaraL Review from
Home Depot
September 3, 2020
This is the second one I purchased. The handles of the first one failed after tw
This is the second one I purchased. The handles of the first one failed after two years of heavy use but I felt I got my money's worth. The chair is light, small enough to get around in narrow spaces, and with the addition of a gel pad seat cushion and blow-up back cushion can be quite comfortable for long periods of time.
JulesInCA Review from
February 17, 2017
Great purchase and product
I purchased this for my 82-year-old mother who has great difficulty walking any distance. She is approx. 5' tall, 150 lbs. This transport chair is very sturdy and seems to be well-built. It is a bit heavier than I anticipated, but I managed to lift it fairly well, lifting it into the trunk of a small 2-door car (in which it fit fine). It is easy to push over bumps, on carpet, cement, asphalt. The wheels maneuver smoothly. The foot rests install easily and the back rest is simple to raise and lower. The chair folds closed without trouble and is small enough to be stored in a coat closet. A grea
David Review from
June 1, 2021
Good short-term solution
Surprisingly good temporary indoor solution. We needed a wheelchair to help someone get through a narrow bathroom door while recuperating from surgery. At its price point, I was not expecting it to be so comfortable and sturdy. With its small wheels, it is not good for rough pavement or being lifted on stairs.
ThJeBr Review from
July 4, 2016
great buy!
this purchase was made for a very specific purpose. my parent, with mobility already less than 100 percent, fell and was slow recovering from a twisted knee. the chair was purchased to allow her to maintain her summer events and activities with family and friends. and this chair was a perfect buy for her needs. the chair is very compact and is easy and fast to unfold for use. it takes up limited space when traveling and can easily fit in a back seat area or trunk of a car. the framework is extremely sturdy and my parent has nothing but praise for its comfortable and stable ride. for an emergen
Emc333 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
July 4, 2017
Easy quality
Purchasing this chair was very easy, the chair is small so it is excellent for my petite Aunt but anyone can sit in it. The width gets through the doorways of my small cape easily. Free delivery and the wonderful and vey helpful sales lady I can't give enough accolades for. She was wonderful. The chair was delivered quickly to the door fully assembled and foot rests neatly packaged in a separate box. When you have a very sick person to care for this experience gave me insurmountable help. I was UNABLE to achieve any helpful assistance from a very well known medical supply in Belmont. I was a l
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