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Since its creation in January 2000 under the name of Medical Depot, Inc. Drive has been providing a diversity of quality medical products. From the very beginning, Drive wanted to show the users the essence of its existence and the improvement of life they are giving to their customers and for this reasons, they decided to make a change and that is when the name Drive came to life.

The expertise in the field, the cutting edge technology and their never ending optimism and enthusiasm, support the unceasing growth and development this company has had.

Years later, after its establishment, DeVilBiss Healthcare became part of the company in the year 2015 and then the company obtained the name, Drive DeVilBiss Healthcare.

Drive DeVilBiss Healthcare focuses on showing the value of their products. They understand the customers' needs and concerns and this is one of the major reasons why they are one of the top leading companies and their business is growing at a fast pace.

Their extensive range of long lasting products carefully manufactured to improve the life of their customers, include the following:

-Bariatric products

-Mobility products



-Respiratory equipment

-Pressure Prevention Products

-Sleep surfaces

-CPAP products

-Self assist products

-Power wheelchairs

-Power scooters

-Rehabilitation products

-Patient room equipment

-Pediatric products

-Eletrotherapy devices

-Personal care products

Because Drive caters to the needs of a specific group, customers can feel that they are receiving the best service and products which are specifically designed to have a better life and be more independent. In order to expand its business Drive Medical works along with the following sectors:

Home healthcare suppliers, distribution centers, retailers with both physical and/or online shops (both independent and group enterprises).

With the support of our nation-wide team of salesmen a new Long-Term-Care Division and a new Acute Care Division have been acquired. All this done to continue growing and expanding its business in their main field, the home health care sector.

Drive Medical offers a full range of high technology products focused on making the lives of those with special needs easier and hassle-free. Among the different areas of products they provide, you can find the following: Bathroom safety and prevention of falls, mobility assistance, manual wheelchairs (standard, transport, reclining, bariatric, and wheelchair accessories), personal care, powered scooters and wheelchairs, respiratory therapy items (concentrators, oxygen conservers and portable nebulizers) and home care (beds, bedroom essentials).

Mobility assistance

Drive's main intention is to provide a better way of life for all those who experience mobility issues and with this in mind, they have thoughtfully created a wide array of different mobility devices that will for sure give superior benefits to the users. With reasonably priced and high grade products they wish to provide a better quality of life and strengthened mobility to their customers.


With the extensive wheelchair merchandise, Drive Medical has surpassed all expectations. The company is determined to satisfy the users' needs by providing the best quality wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories. Wheelchairs can be found in a variety of models and sizes. Each one of them designed to meet all customers' expectations and needs. Benefiting people's lives is one of Drive Medical's main purposes.

Poly Flight Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

With Swing Away Footrest

Chrome Sport Full Reclining Wheelchair

To view more wheelchair models please click here.

Walkers and Rollators

Drive Medical has thought about every single aspect in a person's life whose needs are unique. That is why they have acquired a wide array of walkers and rollators in all types. Some of the models users can find when looking for a walker or rollator to better suit their needs are the following: Two button walkers, one button walker, specialty walkers, bariatric walkers, 3 and 4-wheel rollators, bariatric rollators and also accessories.

Walkers and rollators have unique characteristics. Many of them have an easy to push button system which allows the individual to operate the item either by hand, fingers, palms or side of hand. Others include a seat and the user can sit down or use it as a regular walker. Most of them can easily be folded. Rollators are also manufactured with padded seats and special zippered bags or baskets in order to provide privacy and security for personal belongings.

Deluxe Two Button Folding walker with 5” Wheels

Adult Clever Light Walker-with 5 Castors

Go-Light Bariatric Steel Rollator

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Canes and Crutches

Inside Drive Medical's large-scale of products, canes and crutches could not be missed. They have all sorts of canes and crutches specifically designed with the highest quality materials to fulfill the most demanding expectations.

Among the many types, you can find the following options: Aluminum folding canes with height adjustability, small and large based quad canes, round handle aluminum canes, folding canes, bariatric crutches, forearm walking crutches, aluminum crutches and many more.

Bariatric Quad Cane With Large Base

Lightweight Adjustable Folding Cane With T Handle

Walking Crutches with Underarm Pad and Hand Grip

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Power Mobility

Drive Medical has always wanted to deliver the best end user experience. They know that moving from one place to another can be a real hassle for those with limited or restricted movement. That is why they have made available world-class products in order to provide the user with the highest level of freedom and independence by allowing them to get mobile and live better, more active lives.

Drive Medical has a full range of power mobility devices and accessories to better assist those with especial needs such as: Standard and heavy duty power wheelchairs, portable/folding power wheelchairs and scooters/power operated vehicles (travel series, mid size, executive series and specialty).

Below you can see some of the extensive amount of power mobility devices that Drive Medical has to offer:

Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair

Trident Four Wheel Drive Power Chair

Cobra GT4 Heavy Duty Power Scooter

Scout 3 Wheel Scooter

To view more on Power Mobility devices please click here.

Personal lifestyle necessities

Drive Medical's quality range also includes all the items needed in order to lead a more comfortable and easier way of life. Every day activities like sitting down, putting on socks/shoes, eating and going shopping, can become more achievable when a top of the line product is there to assist those with limited or restricted mobility.

A few of the products that Drive Medical has to offer are the following: Hand held reachers, elastic laces, shoe horns, male/female urinals, dressing sticks, stocking aid, buttoning aid hooks, handled cups, bibs, eating utensils, heating pads and many more.

Stocking Aid Molded Plastic

Dressing Stick

Lifestyle Flannel Bib

Incontinence Female Urinal

Incontinence Male Urinal

Handle Cup

Lifestyle Eating Utensils

Hand Held Reacher

To view more Drive Medical Lifestyle essentials please click here.


Drive Medical also specializes in the respiratory area, providing customers with prime, easy to handle products to assist in the respiratory field. Ever since CHAD Therapeutics and DeVilbiss Healthcare became one with Drive Medical, there has been a constant growth in the Respiratory classification. The recently developed, first-rate Respiratory R&D and analyzing establishment in Lehigh Acres, FL , are a proof that Drive has definitely become a leading company in supplying top-notch respiratory products.

Please take a look at some of the respiratory products offered by Drive Medical under the categories of : Oxygen, Aerosols, Suction and Accessories.

Pneumatic Conserver

Electronic Conserver

Liquid Oxygen Conserver

Disposable Conservers

Heavy Duty Suction Pump Machine

Power Neb Ultra Nebulizer

Voyager Pro Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer

Please take a look at more Drive Medical Respiratory products by clicking here.


One of Drive Medical's main focus is to provide a large range of superior products including bathroom and toilet aids. They have a vast variety of items in order to make personal care much easier.

Investigations have proven that there is a high percentage of the elderly and people with special needs that will more likely suffer a fall at any point in their lives and unfortunately, most of these accidents happen inside the bathroom. This is why, Drive has thought about every single detail and has created the bathroom classification where customers can be sure to find everything they need for their every day personal use and safety.

Inside their wide selection users can find the following products: Bath benches/stools, shower sprays, transfer benches, bath lifts, bath mats, raised toilet seats, safety frames, tub rails, grab bars and tub/stairs safety treads.

Safety Shower Tub Bench Chair

Handheld Shower Head Spray

Plastic Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest

Aquajoy Premier Plus Reclining Bath Lift

Bathtub Shower Mat

Elevated Toilet Seat

Toilet Safety Frame

Adjustable Tub Rail

Lifestyle Quick Suction Rail

Tub and Stair Safety Tread

To view more bathroom and fall prevention products please click here.

Home Care, Beds and Bedroom Essentials

Drive Medical is dedicated to contributing to the costumers' lives by making them more comfortable and secure. Drive's main intention is to provide physical ease and a pleasant every day living by introducing the most reliable, top of the line products. They know very well that a traditional bed is not the most suitable item for a person with special needs and because of this they have made available an extensive variety of hospital beds and bedding products so as to deliver a better solution for the users and carers.

The broad assortment of beds and bedding products include the following categories: Home care beds, long-term-care beds, bariatric beds, bed rails, pressure prevention, commodes and accessories.

Please take a look at some bed and bedding products pictured below

Multi Height Manual Hospital Bed

Full Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed

Adjustable Length Bed Rail

Static Air Mattress Overlay

Portable Upholstered Wheeled Drop Arm Bedside Commode

Tri-Fold Bedside Mat

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