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Prairie View Industries - MXP16.0 - 16' Aluminum Modular Entryway Wheelchair Ramp

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16' Aluminum Modular Entryway Wheelchair Ramp

More Information
Manufacturer Prairie View Industries
Categories Wheelchair Ramps, Ramp Accessories
Code MXP16.0
Sold By PVI
Require Prescription? No
Store Mobility Equipment
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Peggy C. Review from
September 6, 2019
This ramp is exactly what we needed!!
We purchased this ramp for my parents. My mother has mobility issues which have steadily been deteriorating. They had two steps from their house into their garage. We had already installed a handle outside the door, which helped and was adequate for over a year, but as her condition has worsened, it's become much more difficult for her to navigate those two steps down. She's in a seated walker most of the time now, but obviously, that wheeled walker won't work on stairs. So, she's been walking to the door with assistance and slowly stepping down. Unfortunately, she recently lost her balance on
Said Review from
May 13, 2021
I would not purchase this again
I needed a ramp for a wheel chair at home. This ramp is not made in the USA and you can tell the minute you unpack it. Mine showed up with some damage, but usable. I set it up and noticed it's got a lot of flex in it. this ramp is rated for 600#'s, but honestly I don't know if I would go that high. I weight 225 and just walking on it, there's a LOT of flex and movement. I think it needs more bracing in the middle where it hinges. It does the job for now as a temporary ramp and it works for what we need it for. Nice things are it folds out of the way and it's not too heavy. This is NOT my first
Bruce Review from
March 24, 2020
Superior design. I would recommend this ramp to anybody
I use this for pushing a wheelchair. It easily holds the 400 pounds of the occupied wheelchair and myself. The surface provides good grip/traction even when wet. Solid construction although some welds are a little sloppy and there were a few air bubbles in the gritty surface traction material. It looks good. But the reasons I chose this ramp (and the 8 foot version) was in the design and it proved to be spot on. First you can easily separate the ramp into two sections that have handles making each of them light enough for even my wife to carry. Secondly the design of the fold in the middle I b
Kathy Review from
December 22, 2021
We would highly recommend this product & buy again & again!
We gifted this ramp to a single mother of 3 whose youngest is severly disabled and growing. She has found the ramp to be a great product! Perfect for their garage stairs, also useful for loading their van - the unit folds and has a handle and is lightweight enough for her to handle alone. I am so happy we purchased this for their family and thankful it is everything and more as described. God bless you all! #sweepstakes
Vickie Review from
August 5, 2021
I purchased the 7' ramp for my mom after she got shingles on her leg, and couldn't walk right. I loved it, but found that I had trouble pushing her up the ramp due to the steep slope. So I sent it back, an ordered the 12' ramp. Wonderful! I would definitely do business with this company again. They gave me excellent customer care, and absolutely no problems with the return. When in doubt, go for the longer ramp. Our 2 steps measured 14" high.
Twiddledee Review from
September 22, 2019
Wrong width but is a 5 start product
Excellent product so I give it 5 stars...however, the width is too small to use with my husband's wheelchair. Easy transaction, very, very fast shipping, and ramp was easy to set up. This has been our first time ever having to deal with wheelchair use and did not realize wheelchairs come in all sizes. My husband is 6'7' tall and because of that had to have a larger/taller chair which is also wider than a regular wheelchair. So, unfortunately, the wheelchair is wider than the ramp! Bummer! But this is not the products fault though so that is why I still give it 5 stars. By luck, we found a reas
Ernest Review from
June 10, 2022
Nice Ramp
Everything went well, ramp arrived quicker than expected. I was very happy with the price paid. As far as the ramp itself goes, it is very sturdy, easy to set up, and performs as expected. One slight problem though, there is a minor "ding" on the ramp, near the middle (hinge side). It's not a big deal, I can probably pound it out with a hammer. Certainly not enough to warrant returning the ramp, as it does not really affect the ramp doing it's job.
Donna Review from
January 20, 2022
Great ramp for tall step
We bought this ramp because we have an 8 inch step down from our kitchen to our sunroom and no other ramps worked well because they were too steep for my mother to navigate with her walker. It works great now. The downside is it's not aesthetically pleasing for inside a home. However, with a little creativity we've made it work. Safety was the first concern and that now has been taken care of with this ramp.
Fariborz Review from
August 23, 2020
Never again!
Use for going up stairs on my scooter, total weight of me and my scooter is 298 lb. This ramp is rated for 600 lb., but when the ramp was secured in place we tested it by gradually loading it with people; after my son and his wife got on it; total weight of 330 lb; ramp was unstable from side to side and deflected much more than expected! We decided it was too risky for me to use it. Part of the ramp was also bent during transportation, so we could not unfold it, we had to hammer it out first. 1- Ramp came in late, resulting in me missing a gathering of my son's new house. 2- Due to damage it
Michael Review from
August 27, 2021
Great ramp for getting access in and out of the house!
We purchased this ramp to get my husband in and out of the house while recovering from ankle surgery. It was so easy to assemble and worked great with the wheelchair and his mobility scooter. Easy to move from front door to garage door entrance. It is lightweight but strong. It makes sounds when walking up on it but doesn't bend at all. Would highly recommend this ramp, easy for a person (man or woman) push the wheelchair up the ramp.
Barry D. Review from
April 27, 2018
Portable Ramp PN# WCMF-8
I purchased the WCMF-8 Folding Wheelchair and Scooter Ramp - 8' Long (600lb Capacity) on April 2nd 2018. Right out of the box the ramp was delivered to me within 2 days great start before even trying it. The Ramp has met & exceeded my expectations flat out! I was in urgent need of a portable ramp so that I could use a wheelchair to transport my wife back & forth to physical therapy. The option of using a walker to transverse the 2 steps was almost impossible so I needed something to allow a wheelchair use. My wife was unable to master using a walker for the task. My search on the internet led
Larry Review from
May 23, 2022
Ramp flexes too much and is springy.
I purchased this ramp to have a way of getting my wife in and out of our house while she recovers from foot surgery which will be about 8 weeks. She cannot put any weight on her left foot so I purchased her a Knee Rover scooter. The ramp is not sturdy and flexes quite a bit as she goes up and down it (which has only been once since she is scared of it). It being rated at 600 lbs. it shouldn't be as springy as it is. She's NOT Happy.
Dawn Review from
February 2, 2022
It's perfect, love it, plan to buy smaller version for back.
Bought this ramp for a weekly visitor to my home who's in wheelchair to use. It's very good quality, arrived quickly and I was able to unpack and set it up myself. Came with good directions but didn't find the pins to anchor the top of it to front porch so used nails as a temp fix. When I took it down the next day I found the pins taped to the bottom! It's heavy but I'm a 60 year old woman and I managed it alone.
Peggy Review from
June 5, 2022
I would have selected a different option
Used to navigate steps in house. Problem is the lip where the fold is. The wheels of my walker and wheelchair gets hung up unless I get a head if Steam going down the ramp. Also the bottom of the ramp isn't flush with the floor and again I have difficulty starting up the ramp. Would rather have purchased a single fold ramp, but didn't see one with the anti slip coating.
James Review from
July 7, 2022
Great 8' Aluminum Ramps
I needed the ramps delivered in 3 days. Paid for special shipping and they arrived as needed. Our trip went perfectly because of the ramps. They are very well built but light enough for me to set up by myself. They fold to 4' long for east transport. Would highly recommend these ramps and the company. Great service.
Michael Review from
May 24, 2022
Works like a charm!
Exactly what we needed. Looking at building a ramp for accessibility - wheelchair and cane. Found the Silver Spring ramp at Discount Ramps, done deal! Saved time and money and arrived quicker than I thought it would. Ramp is easy to set up and put away. Fine, clever design and craftsmanship by Silver Spring and great service from Discount Ramps!
John Review from
October 6, 2020
Folding ramp for minivan (Honda Odyssey)
Because I'm old (91) and have neuropathy in my legs, balance problems etc., I ride an electric assist tricycle which is over 100 lbs. The trike is wonderful recreation and exercise for me. It's easier for me to ride than I can walk. I want to be able to transport my trike to a trail or other locations, and to the bicycle shop as needed. The ramp is perfect for the van. It weighs about 35 lbs. and is a little cumbersome for me, but with another person to assist it is easy to load and unload the trike into my van.
John Review from
August 20, 2020
Thank you for enabling my mother to visit us again!
I purchased this ramp to assist my mother in walking up two outside steps that lead onto our front porch. Our outside steps are about 8 inches high so it is about a 16-inch rise in total. Without this ramp, she would not have been to visit because she could not walk up the steps to our front door. The ramp was easy to set up and take down. The ramp served the purpose perfectly. My only suggestion is to include rubber caps to put on the ends of the ramp during transport because the ends are sharp metal and could rip or tear the interior of a trunk or backseat.
Jay Review from
April 19, 2022
12 Foot Ramp is Great
First of all, the help from your staff was fantastic. We needed a ramp to get my wheelchair-bound mom into our house for the Passover seders. The 12-foot portable ramp was just what we needed. We just put a support in the middle to stabilize it further and it was perfect; it was not hard to get her up and down and she was not afraid of the height and slant. Thank you all!!
Rickter B. Review from
July 9, 2018
10' trifold ramp
Not a bad product, generally speaking. Although, for the price, there could be a little more effort put into a latch system, both length wise and width wise, to hold the sections together when you are moving it around. The Velcro strips simply are not durable enough to withstand the constant use. The ramp does become awkward to handle when the sections are not fastened down. There should also be a better system of stabilizing the ramp, so you don't have to drill holes in the back or side floors of your vehicle. It is wide enough to comfortably handle a six(6) wheel electric chair. It is a litt
Gary Review from
July 23, 2021
Yes, I would buy another ramp. Infact we did buy another one
We absolutely love the versatility of this ramp in the way it folds up into a much smaller size for easy transportation/storage. And, the way it can be separated into two, easy to carry sections, each with their own handle. As an engineer, I understand the thought that went into designing this ramp.
Grandma Pat Review from
July 21, 2020
Yes if i needed a ramp I would buy again.
My husband had knee surgery which went well but as older folks his overall body strength needed therapy and in a wheel chair until we can get him going. I am 5'4" to his 6'2" and have several stairs to get him up and down of which I have a kindly neighbor that comes 3 times a week to help get him down to the the car and back which was a real chore even for him before the ramp. I knew I needed something to help this kind friend with this. I will keep it as we have wide steps made to use a walker on and I got a nice red wagon to put my groceries in to save many trips to the house as they seem to
Joyce Review from
May 13, 2022
Works Great
The ramp does what it's supposed to do. It enables my sister to get in and out of her house safely. I ordered a second one for her back deck. Saved thousands of dollars we would have spent getting an aluminum one installed. We're hoping it's only temporary so I don't know if it would be the best option for a permanent solution.
Melissa B. Review from
January 18, 2019
Great service until the ramp arrived
Purchased this ramp from Discount Ramps instead of Titan ramps even though the cost was higher. Titan ramps had a lot of reviews indicating that the ramp had arrived dented, banged up, etc. and that they were wobbly. Well we got a big disappointment when our ramp arrived dented and banged up as well. Additionally both velcro fasteners broke within the first three uses of the ramp. Our calls to the company now go to voicemail (when we were calling to place an order, someone always answered the phone) so we are using a cord to tie ramp shut when not in use. Also the same wobbliness noted on the
Jeffrey Z. Review from
February 17, 2018
12 foot portable ramp
This ramp is a good ramp for its purpose. Easy to install with 4 anchors. Drawbacks: 1. it does not come with railings. Railings can be purchased separately and retrofitted if you create your own connectors. 2. The length of 12 feet makes it a little wobbly and weak in the center. I placed 2 milk crates side by side under the ramp to give it firmer support. I would not permit my 82 year old mother to push my dad in his wheel chair on it until the railings and support were in place. 3. Beware of ice storms. The non-skid surface works well in wet weather, but will freeze over. Make sure it is sa
John Review from
May 9, 2021
Reasonable cost for a good ramp
I bought this item for friend who lived in an apt and could not get out because there was no access ramp. The quality of the ramp seemed very good. When my friend used it for the first time, he had no problem moving his wheelchair down and up the ramp. The top surface has a very good rough finish to enable traction. Folding and unfolding the ramp works well. The only negative thing I found was the ramp length of 8 feet includes the 2 inch lip at the end.
Keith Review from
May 3, 2021
Buyer beware. Poor construction.
9 ft ramp. As expected it's heavy and awkward. What was not expected is the poor workmanship. 3 welding errors. The spring loaded pin that allows the separation of the two halves was welded closed which required 20 minutes of filing with a Dremel to free it. One noncritical Weld is missing. Difficult to open due to a metal plate being welded in wrong position. After repair it does work so gave it 2 stars.
Stephen C. Review from
June 18, 2019
Cart ramp review
This is an excellent solution for those that have difficulty walking or carrying heavy items up stairs and for medium distances. Overall an excellent choice. Heavier than I need, Next time I believe I would buy the 300 lb model which should be more than adequate.I purchased the 5' ramp for our grocery wagon cart to go up 3 stairs. Being in our early 70's it has become increasing difficult to carry large items. We purchased the wagon like cart at Costco but with a heavy load in the back it is difficult to make it up the stairs. The Cart ramp makes it easy to climb the stairs unless the exempt b
Carl J. Review from
March 1, 2019
Ramp Function is Good but Manufacturing Less So
Although delivery was quite lengthy (perhaps due to inclement weather in midwest) and package had damaged and substantially taped corner. However, ramp was not damaged by damage to box in shipping. Ramp was a bit difficult to unfold. Connecting joints on ramp are a bit rough, not smooth. Ramp creaks a bit when used but seems to be quite strong. Our use is inside so a bit more precision and quality of manufacturing (in China) would have been helpful. Ramp is fully usable and a welcome addition to our home. If you're looking for a polished product, this ramp won't meet that standard. If you're l
Patricia Review from
May 16, 2021
Content customer
Installed ramp today. My handicapped husband has not used it yet. I was disappointed that not one piece of installation hardware came with it. The non-slip surface is absolutely wonderful. It is a bit steep for me to push my 185 lb husband up while he is in a transport chair. (We are both 80 years young) but, I don't think it comes in a 12 foot length. I will master it! It is nice and sturdy - I am glad that i bought it.
Brenda Review from
May 27, 2021
Ease in ordering. Speedy delivery. Would order again
I bought this ramp for my husband who is a stroke survivor of 23 years. At times he struggles to climb and descend the stairs to our house. This ramp is heavy but at 61 I am able to set it up by myself. It enables us to use his wheelchair to get him in and out of our home. It is working well for a temporary access for him. Sturdy and stable after I secure it to our top step.
Robert M. Review from
December 21, 2019
Old Glory Boiler Mechanical
The ramp we purchased is Awsome! We use it on the back of our work trailer to move materials in out out of the trailer Every Day. From boilers weighing 250lbs to 10' lengths of copper, steel and pcv pipe. We also load and unload 6-150lb pack outs full of tools,equipment and supplies on a daily basis. We roll them in and roll them out and when we're finished we fold the ramp up and tuck it away in the trailer. Compact,light weight and Very easy to unfold and fold up at All of our jobs. Other contractors have asked me where I purchased this ramp so that they can do their own research for their o
Gary Review from
October 1, 2020
A quality and economical purchase!
The ramp is exactly as advertised and performs as expected. I needed a light weight and portable ramp for loading a heavy power wheel chair into the side of a minivan for transport. The design allowing it to be split into two pieces makes it light enough that my grandchildren can help their mother when necessary. The quality is good and I see no reason the load rating would be anything less than as specified. Thanks!
Walter Review from
June 25, 2022
Great ramp, good price, just what I needed
Great ramp, good price, works well for me. I am wheelchair bound right now for leaving the house and this is long enough to give me a usable slope. Strong enough for me (250 LBs), my wheelchair and my son (290 LBs), who wheels me in/out of the house. #Swepstakes
Megan B. Review from
September 21, 2018
This ramp DEFINITELY needs some sort of support system. We ended up making it work by putting a Yeti cooler underneath it. I emailed the person I have been speaking with about this ramp to ask some questions prior to my dad's arrival. NO RESPONSE. We made this ramp work by modifying it, but the customer service was not responsive with my concerns. His motorized chair also has a bolt in the bottom of it that locks him into his van... This bolt kept getting caught in the center gap of this ramp. There is also nothing to CONNECT the two pieces at the top of the ramp, so anytime he used it, someon
Linda W. Review from
August 6, 2018
If the pins provided are used it makes the ramp become permanent not portable. But the ramp will slip from the door threshold so every time it is used you have to make certain the ramp is butted against the threshold. There is one point on the ramp where it seems unsteady or gives a little. My daughter only weighs 100lbs and we use a normal wheelchair so I know that we are not exceeding the poundage requirements. I called customer service to inquire if legs were available to steady that area, the representative was very short and did not offer any kind of advice, she just wanted to end the cal
James Review from
October 20, 2021
this is my second ramp that I have bought from your company
I use this ramp to get my wife into our house on her wheelchair, I already have a 6 foot ramp like this but the angle was too steep for that ramp so i had to go with the 9 foot one which works great. The 6 foot one I use to get my wifes electric mobility scooter in and out of the back of our suv. The ease of how these ramps set up is amazing.
Kelley K. Review from
August 5, 2018
Nice ramps but arrived damaged
These ramps are relatively lightweight and fold nicely. They are easy to work with. They arrived in a box that was not damaged on the outside but unfortunately both ramps were bent on the ends. One of them was bent to the point that it would not unfold until the bend was straightened. I was able to straighten the bends with some heavy duty pliers. Also they did not work for my need. Also a piece of the non-skid surface came off the first time I used them. Sadly I will be selling these on Craigslist for a fraction of the price I paid. I found some arched ramps without the non-skid stick on surf
Viola Review from
May 18, 2020
Depending on your needs - yes definitely recommend!
Using for three small steps at the main door for wheelchair. I am giving 4 stars not 5 only because I want more time. Friend who helped and is an all around handyman said it's stable but it was disconcerting how it shakes a little so we put some support under it. More for us to feel better than any safety issue. Given that we were quoted $5,000 and $10,000 for ramps and that it's portable? I would have to say it's AMAZING and SUPER SUPER easy to put together. Pretty amazing. Said Handyman is the one who knew of this product and we are soo very very very grateful.
Patty Review from
May 28, 2021
Excellant product.
This item is great. I wish I would have gone with a 12 foot ramp, instead of 10 foot. It is too steep for me (I am 80 years young) to push our transport chair up/down. But, I'll conquer it. The company might want to consider inventing some kind of "ramp extension". A great company to deal with. I would highly recommend their products!
Nancy Review from
June 25, 2020
I would buy it again.
I will be using our ramp for my disabled brother, who is wheel chair bound, so that he can visit us in our home. I liked the length and height this ramp offered so that we could access our deck. I disliked the way the metal fluctuated when walking on it which made it feel unstable and how the metal sounded as it fluctuated was a little unnerving as well. It did hold about 450lbs. but I question its ability to hold the 600lbs. it is advertised to carry. As long as it gets my brother safely in and out of our home that's all I need. It won't be used very often because my brother will only visit o
Jane Review from
November 23, 2021
Great product to get family members into different homes
We wanted to bring older family members into home and into other local family homes. This ramp works for all our homes, so no one or everyone has to build a permanent ramp. Easy to trade off between homes as needed with folding and handles, plus easy to store between uses.
Patty Review from
July 4, 2022
Very sturdy, stable ramp
So happy this came assembled! set-up was very simple, just unfold and put in place. There was a small 'bend' on one side of the frame, but nothing to inhibit use or require return. Very heavy and sturdy for pushing my mom up and down in her wheelchair.
Denise M. Review from
February 27, 2019
portable ramp by spring springs
We are first time owners of such a ramp, and needed it. It arrive quickly and was well packaged. Our only problem was the photograph and miminual text instructions were inadequate. As silly as it sounds, we hard a difficult time knowing what was the top and bottom. Maybe simple labels on the ramp would help. I suggest a video on your website on how to unfold it. Remember we never encountered such equipment and were quite new to the whole concept. However, once we figured it out, it works great and is doing its job quite well. We made a good decision buying this ramp!
Thom Review from
August 9, 2021
I would recommend this product to anyone.
This ramp is used to allow my mother to enter her home. She uses a walker and a wheel chair on occasion. The ramp is heavy duty, well made. The only complaint I have is, there it has a lot of bounce to it. I had to put braces under it at two points to take the spring out it.
Jon M. Review from
April 1, 2019
8ft portable ramps
The ramps have served their purpose well. They were purchased to allow a wheelchair to enter through our front door. The ramps came on time. They are sturdy and portable. The only drawbacks are the way they pin together isn't very well done. They are capable of separating into two different ramps, but it isn't very smooth pinning them back together. The finished edges are sharp! I was very aware of this and still received some cuts on my hands! All in all, I would still recommend these. They are priced fair and have met my expectations.
James P. Review from
January 20, 2019
Received the new ramp just
Received the new ramp just before Christmas to aid a wheelchair bound relative. When I initially opened the ramp on Friday the 21st, I found that it would not open fully, due to welds conflicting with hinges. Called immediately and talked with Ray. I told him that I would need to file down the welds to allow the ramp to be opened fully, and I did not want this to effect the warranty. He accepted my position and asked that I send an email with pictures, which I did. Discount ramps replaced the ramp with a new one without question, which was a pleasant surprise. Great working with them, and the
Nancy C. Review from
August 21, 2019
8' portable mobility ramp by Silver Spring
I am extremely pleased with this ramp. The versatility, ease of assembly, lightweight, and non skid service was everything I hoped it would be. The height to length ratio also helped me figure out what size ramp I needed! The delivery time was perfect so I could have it set up in place when I brought my husband home from re-hab. I had debated on having a wooden ramp built, but wasn't sure I wanted a permanent fixture outside my entryway. I am happy I chose to go with the portable aluminum ramp, which gives me the option to fold it up and store it, if the time comes when I no longer need it!
Stephen Review from
September 10, 2021
Great Ramp!
We have a toy hauler travel trailer that has a 7' ramp in the back to drive toys in. The ramp is too steep to easily push the wheelchair up. The ramp can also be used as a patio with cables that hold it level. I extended those cables 7" so it angles at about 10 degrees. When I add this 10" ramp to the back of the patio I have a total of 17' of ramp that is at 10 degrees.
Senior citizen Review from
December 30, 2021
Great ramp
This ramp was delivered in good time. It's very sturdy, but lightweight aluminum. It is providing safe access in and out of my daughter's condo for her wheelchair and scooter. Very pleased with the product.
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