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Manual Wheelchair Accessories

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  1. Invacare From: 8881127565-U550 To: 8881127593U550 - Fixed Height Conventional Desk Length Armrest Kit Right, Midnight
  2. Invacare From: 1133297 To: 1133298 - Replacement Rear Wheel With Chrome Handrim Assembly Composite
  3. Invacare From: T93HCB To: T93HE - Hemi Bolt-Thru Footrests, Composite Footplates Economy Footrest
  4. Invacare From: 8881127527U67 To: 8881127528U67 - Invacare Seat Upholstery Kit With Hardware
  5. Invacare From: TZ33A To: TZ34A - Swingaway Footrests With Footplates Elevating Legrest For 9000 Wheelchair
  6. Invacare From: T94AA To: T94ACU67 - Swingaway Elevating Leg Rest With Aluminum Footplates, Hanger Pin Spacing Composite
  7. Invacare From: SH93E To: SH93ES - Super Low Extended Swingaway Footrests, Wide
  8. Invacare From: SH904M To: SH904MS - Super Low Elevated Legrests, Wide
  9. Invacare From: 8881127476U67 To: 8881127476U550 - Back Upholstery Kit For Tracer EXI/EX2 Wheelchair, Midnight Vinyl
  10. Invacare From: 1820 To: 1820ST - Non-Removable Footrest / Legrest
  11. Invacare From: 1515 To: 1515ST - Push Button Style Seat Positioning Strap For Tracer EX2 Wheelchair
  12. Invacare From: 1360 To: 1360SH - Adjustable Rear Anti-Tipper, Casters Super Low
  13. Invacare From: 1329BK To: 1329BKST - Toggle Wheel Lock Extension, Extension Tip
  14. Invacare From: 1151510 To: 1151514 - Replacement Basket For 65350GR Junior Rollator Front Wheel Kit Veranda Wheelchair
  15. Invacare From: 1133390 To: 1133391 - Headrest Extension Tube And Upholstery Kit, Chair, Nylon
  16. Invacare From: 1129593 To: 1129596 - Arm Base Kit Right, Replacement Right Assembly
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Items 1-16 of 234

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